Lemonta Davis

Junior Developer, Student

About Me

The short version

I am a Junior Coder at the Jackson, MS Coding Academy and I am still learning new things that will help me better myself in coding.

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Javascript Projects


Good ole fashion game of battleship using code.

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ATM Project

An ATM machine that will function in deoposit, withdrawal, and password change.

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Text Base Game

Using html, css, and javascript ino the website

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HTML Projects

Pizza Shop

For a Delicious menu of different toppings that you can choose from. Come down to seymour's pizza shop for the best pizza you will taste.

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Yo Mama jokes

This is a website was made to generate jokes.

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Math Quiz

Creating a math quiz using html and css.

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Python Projects/CSS Projects


A simple way of using css to customize and configure letters and make a navbar.

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Hourly Wages

Python code for how many hours you worked for a Wage.

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Space Invaders

Using python code to create a space invader game.

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